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    • What is the Ancient hero Soul (AHS) for ?

    These are items used to remove the seal from the Set Blood Angel.


    • How to make an Ancient Hero Soul?

    To create this item the player will use an ancient item +11 according to the list below.


    • vicious set
    • Hyon set
    • Anubis set
    • Enis set
    • Aruan set
    • Gywen set
    • Gaion set
    • Muren's set
    • broy set
    • Agnis set
    • Semeden set
    • chrono set
    • charm set
    • vega set
    • carthys set
    • Ana set
    • camil
    • arcade set
    • Emile's set
    • Molose set
    • Vesper



    Having any of these items in the quality of +11, the player just needs to go to the Chaos Machine and perform the combination in the first Regular Combination option .



    This combination has an 80% chance of success and only parts of sets can be used.

    Posted12 / 09 / 2022

    Currently this is only one server.