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    A. Boss Battle Together

    [Boss Battle Event Zone Together]


    1. Conditions for entering the boss battle together

    Character to enter
    A character over level 800 who has completed the 4th job advancement


    entry item
    10 million GenBoss Battle Ticket


    Boss Battle Ticket
      Can be bought from main town shops 


    2. Event progress channel and schedule

    Event progress channel


    event schedule
    event entry timeDaily 
    Event start and end timeEvery 1 hour
    event running time5 minutes


    3. Boss Battle Event Together 

    1) How to enter the event


    2) Event progress

      - When the boss battle starts, 2 boss monsters will appear.

      - Characters who participated in the event deal more than standard damage to the boss monster,

          The goal is to kill all boss monsters that have appeared.

      - If a character dies in an event, it will be moved to a safe area in the boss zone.

          You can continue to participate in the boss fight until the end of the event.

      - The character death penalty is excluded from the 'Boss Battle Together' event map.


    3) Event reward

    (1) Basic compensation

      - All boss monsters must be killed within 5 minutes of the event duration.

      -  Reward items will be given to all characters who have achieved more than 1 million cumulative damage when killing boss monsters that have appeared

      - Reward items are provided in the Gremory case.


    [Basic reward item]

    item namenumber of payments
    Harmony Jewel BoxOne
    Boss Battle Bonus BoxOne


    (2) Bonus rewards

      -       2 additional 'Boss Battle Bonus Boxes' will be given to characters who have completed the bonus mission among the basic reward targets who have achieved cumulative damage of 1 million or more .

      - The 'All Together Boss Battle Bonus Box' will be given as a Gremory Case at the end of the event.

    [Bonus Mission]

    Cumulative Damage 1st Place Mission  Bonus rewards are given to the character with the first place in cumulative damage.
    last strike mission  A bonus reward is given to the character who hits the boss monster last.


    [Bonus reward item]

    item namenumber of payments
    Boss Battle Bonus Box2


    (3) Composition of reward box items

    Harmony Jewel Box
    10 ~ 25 Jewels of Harmony + 25 WCoins


    Boss Battle Bonus Box
    Elemental Rune 10~25
    75 WCoins


    (4) Appearance Boss Monster

      - 2 boss monsters appear randomly for each channel.

    Appearance Boss Monster
    Welcome to Kundun
    god of darkness

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