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    • To create seed you need to be in Elbland at coordinates (46,242) NPC Seed Master


    • Select the 2nd option Seed Extraction




    • For this combo you need 1 ancient item of quality +4 and additional health+4 and 1 excellent item of quality +4 and additional +4 health at least



    • You will also need 1 jewel of harmony, creation and chaos



    • Once that's done, just click on combine



    • And ready you will have made your 1st seed





    • To level up your seeds you need to go to the NPC Seed Master and select the 6th option



    • Done that just add your seeds that must have the same level (Exc 2 seeds level 6)
    • The seed with the blue mark will be the seed to be upgraded (go to level 7)
    • The seed with the red mark will be the raw material (it will be consumed)


    • For this combination in addition to the seeds you will also use the following item: Sphere Upgrade Rune



    • Which can be bought from NPC Priest James in Elbland (32/238) for 1000 (1k) RUUD



    When buying this item just click with the right mouse button, remembering that it can come from 1~3 Sphere Upgrade Rune.




    • To level up your socket 380 item you need to go to the NPC Seed master in Elbland (46/242) and select the 1st option



    • For this combination, in addition to the socket 380 item with at least 2 sockets you will also use 5 Jewel of Bless / 5 Jewel of soul / 1 Jewel of Chaos and the item Socket Upgrade Note that can be purchased from NPC Priest James in Elbland (32/ 238), this item can be purchased for 5000 (5k) RUUD




    If your combination fails you will lose the gems and the Socket Upgrade Note, your socket item will remain in your inventory.

    Posted12 / 09 / 2022

    Currently this is only one server.