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    Monster NameSpawn MapRespawn TimeMonster CountWCoins Per Monster)Ruud (Per Monster)Item DropExtra Info
    Blessing Box MonsterDeep Dungeon 5Every 1/8/16/24 Day Of Each Month
    16:00 PM Server Time
    x1--Wings of Angel & Devil [+0~+15] [Random Exc Options] [15 Days Duration]
    Wings of Conqueror [+0~+15] [Random Exc Options] [15 Days Duration]
    Blessing of Experience Skill (HOT)
    When you kill the Blessing Box monster, besides the wings drop you will acquire the Blessing of Experience skill that gives 35% Experience upon usage.
    When this skill buff is given to other players, their character will acquire the skill, you can spread it for free or sell it to other players.
    White WizardNoria,Lorencia,Devias12 Hoursx1+Orcs--Wizard Ring
    Orc Warriors drop Jewels
    Red DragonLorencia,Devias,Noria4 Hoursx1010-Miracle Coin [x1]
    Bless of Light (Greater) [x1]
    Golden InvasionLorencia up to Raklion2 Hoursx901~5-Box of Kundun +1~+5-
    Death KingLorencia4 Times Per Dayx1015-Jewels [x2]
    Dark Jewels [x1]
    Ice QueenDevias4 Times Per Dayx1015-Bless of Light (Greater) [x5]-
    GorgonDungeon4 Times Per Dayx1015-Elemental Runes [x1~x4]-
    HydraAtlans4 Times Per Dayx1015-Demon [6 Hours]
    Spirit Of Guardian [6 Hours]
    Lethal Wiz Ring [6 Hours]
    Hawk Figurine [6 Hours]
    Goat Figurine [6 Hours]
    Golden Oak Charm [6 Hours]
    Worm Horseshoe [6 Hours]
    Blessed Decoration Ring [6 Hours]
    Panda Ring [6 Hours]
    Pet Panda [6 Hours]
    Pet Skeleton [6 Hours]
    Pet Unicorn [6 Hours]
    Talisman of Ascension 1/2/3 [12 Hours] (Exclusive Item)
    BalrogLostTower4 Times Per Dayx1015-Ancient Items [x1]-
    ZaikanTarkan4 Times Per Dayx1015-Labidary Stones Box [x1~x5]
    Rage Earrings [x1] (Low Rate)
    UndineLorencia6 Times Per Dayx10153000Muun Egg Evolved [x1]
    Tempest Muun Box [x1]
    Elenas Letter [x1]
    SalamanderDebenter6 Times Per Dayx5153000Seed Capsules [x1]
    Jewel of Socket [x1] (Low Rate)
    Elenas Letter [x1]
    SylphidUruk6 Times Per Dayx5153000Elemental Capsules [x1]
    Pentagrams LvL 300 [x1]
    Elenas Letter [x1]
    GnomeUbaid6 Times Per Dayx5153000Talisman of Luck [x5]
    Talisman of Chaos Assembly [x1]
    Elemental Talisman of Luck [x1]
    Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly [x1] Talisman of Element Change [x1] (Low Rate) Elenas Letter [x1]
    HellraiserNars6 Times Per Dayx5153000Guardian Enhanced Stone [x5]
    Sculpture [x1] (Low Rate)
    Silver Key [x1] (Low Rate)
    Sealed Silver Box [x1] (Low Rate)
    Mysterious Stone [x1] (Low Rate)
    Jewel of Luck [x1] (Low Rate)
    Jewel of Excellent [x1] (Low Rate)
    Deep Dungeon GorgonDeep Dungeon 56 Times Per Dayx5153000Elite Guardian Enhanced Stone [x5]
    Seal of Ghost Horses [x1] (Low Rate)
    Gold Key [x1] (Low Rate)
    Sealed Golden Box [x1] (Low Rate)
    Mysterious Stone [x1] (Low Rate)
    Jewel of Luck [x1] (Low Rate)
    Jewel of Excellent [x1] (Low Rate)

    Posted09 / 08 / 2023

    Currently this is only one server.