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    LMS Event Guide

    LastManStanding is a unique PvP event where players purpose is to kill all the players and be the only one to survive in order to get the reward!

    During the event start notifications players will be given 5 minutes to register by talking to the NPC in Lorencia map cords 130,127.

    When event starts , players will be teleported to the duel arena where they have to wait 1 minute for the event to start before they can start attacking other players.

    Minimum of 2 players required for the event to start.

    Players who die 1 time will be eliminated from the event.

    To win the event and get the reward you have to be the last player alive!

    Item rewards for the specific event can be found in our drop list section.

    Posted09 / 08 / 2023

    Currently this is only one server.