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    • How to buy the Blood Angel weapon and set?

    To buy your Blood Angel set and weapon the player will need the RUUD currency that can be acquired in invasions and events such as Blood Castle, Devil Square among others. With ruud in the account, the player just needs to go to the Elbland map at coordinates (33,240) and talk to NPC Priest James .


    In addition to the set and weapon, the player also finds in the NPC several other items such as, Skill ruud, items to improve your set and weapon, invitations to bosses and items for new mounts.



    • How to unlock the Blood Angel set ?

    To unlock the Blood Angel set the player will use a sealed part of the set and an Ancient Hero Soul in the Chaos Machine


    https://i.imgur.com/lKOMue0.pngIn Regular Combination , the player just puts the AHS and the part of the sealed set that he wants to release into the machine, then just click on combine and remove his item from Chaos Machina. This combination has a 100% chance of success.
    Blood Angel weapons do not come with a seal and do not need Ancient Hero Soul to enable and use any of them.


    Posted12 / 09 / 2022

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