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    • Created to evolve the Common Pentagram, the Mastery Pentagram maintains the same dynamics regarding damage and elemental defenses. A new combination called options ancients ended up emerging, forming a perfect combination of Set Option . For creating a  Mastery Pentagram .


    • It will be necessary to locate the NPC Adniel coordinates: 38 ~ 216 which is located in Elbeland .


    • Clicking on NPC Adniel , the Mastery Pentagram Upgrade function will appear . To create Mastery Pentagram you will need:
    • 1 - Pentagram Normal
    • 1 - Pentagram Emblem
    • 30 Jewel of Soul
    • 30 Jewel of Bless 
    • 10 Jewel of Creation



    Note that in the image below, an Antonia's Sword Pentagram was used , in the last field called Assembly Prediction the same Pentagram appears , however, already being Mastery Pentagram . There are 2 combinations , including:


    1 ~ Antonia's Sword, Kundun Seal and Arca Phophecy = Will become Antonia's Sword (I) called Rare Pentagram ;

    2 ~ Kundun Madness, Lemuria Scroll, Lyra and Harp = Will become Briliant Orb (I) called Normal Pentagram .


    • Once the Mastery Pentagram is created , new options appear related to its activation. In addition to the change in damage and elemental defenses, 04 new Slots called " Elemental Option " were created, which also serve to add as much damage/elemental defense, a " Sub Option " from Mastery Pentagram . 


    • To activate your Bonuses and the Elemental Option Slot , you will need to use the new evolution of Errtel . In the previous image, you can also see that to activate your bonuses:

    1 - Elemental DMG Perfect Dodge Rate 5%

    2 - DEF Added to Elemental DEF +5%


    • It will be necessary to have the new evolution of Ertel, where the Unique level will have to be at least +6 and +5 . Using Element Fire as an example, the evolution of Ertel Rank 3 Blessing is now called Passionate Blessing Errtel (I) and we can use it either to activate our Mastery Pentagram or to add the Elemental Option Slot .


    •  IMPORTANT ! Mastery Pentagram has all the slots of a Pentagram LVL 300 , but Ertel Mastery does not allow the evolution of Ertel Radiance , that is, the 5th Slot that would be the Slot of Radiance will remain with the Ertel Rank 3 of the Pentagram LVL 300 . So let's continue with it like this:

    Posted12 / 09 / 2022

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