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    • What is the Mysterious Stone for ?
    The Mysterious Stone is used to improve your Blood Angel equipment and its evolutions, whether it's a weapon or part of a set.




    • Below are some examples of how it works.




    • Possible additional weapons
    • You can add luck
    • You can add 1 additional exc
    • Can change weapon extras exc except excellent 10% damage rate
    • Mastery Bonus
    • Increase All Stats +25/+40 or +100



    • Mysterious Stone on the Blood Angel set



    • Additional possible in the Blood Angel Set
    • You can add luck
    • Can add Increase All Stats +100
    • Mastery Bonus
    • Damage Decrease 75/100 and 200


    • Using Mysterious Stone on any part of SET/ARMA can remove the luck bonus or even fail the Mysterious Stone.


    Posted12 / 09 / 2022

    Currently this is only one server.