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    • It will be necessary to locate the NPC Adniel coordinates: 38 ~ 216 which is located in Elbeland .


    • Clicking on NPC Adniel , the Enhancement of Pentagram Elemental Option function will appear . To evolve Elemental Option you will need: 

    1 - Pentagram Mastery already with Elemental Option added Elemental Rune



    • You will need to click on which Elemental Option to upgrade. Once this is done, you can normally level up to LEVEL 10 with the possibility of failure.


    • If you want to remove the Elemental Option , you will need to click on Remove Pentagram Elemental Option located below the Enhacement of Pentagram Elemental Option , as shown in the previous image.


     IMPORTANT ! Removing the Elemental Option in the function informed, the Ertel Mastery that was used will be completely broken, that is, it will cease to exist.

    Posted12 / 09 / 2022

    Currently this is only one server.