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    • It will be necessary to locate the NPC Adniel coordinates: 38 ~ 216 which is located in Elbeland .


    • Clicking on NPC Adniel , the Create Pentagram Elemental Option function will appear . To create the Elemental Option you will need: 
    1 - Pentagram Mastery (Which will receive the Elemental Option)
    1 - Ertel Mastery +6 (Minimum Level Up +3)
    10 Jewel of Creation


    • Once this combine is done, we will observe that the Pentagram Mastery will appear your add in Elemental Slot .


    • The only difference will be the Elemental Defense or Attack , as in the example used was a Mastery Ertel Passionate Blessing with the Elemental Defense option . Note that the last slot shows which option will pull: 


    • After all the procedure is done, we will now have Pentagram Mastery Activated and Elemental Option also activated.

    Posted12 / 09 / 2022

    Currently this is only one server.